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Posted on: November 20, 2008 4:14 pm
Edited on: November 28, 2008 12:51 pm

Grassroots...It's not just for Politics anymore!

I do love this fascinating modern age we live in.  I, even I, can recall a time when I would have to satisfy myself with 6 or 7 available NCAA and NFL games a week--only 3 or 4 of which I would be able to watch.  Now, I watch that many at once!  It is a feeling of euphoria I never would have dreamed of experiencing.  But it has come at a price.  Nationwide availability comes with a nationwide mentality that is poisoning the game of NCAA Football.  Whatever you may think of the BCS, the fact is that it is little better than rigged.  What happens on the field is immediately made of secondary import to what has happened over the last 15 years, or what happened this past recruiting season thanks to that ridiculous subjective construct known as the Preseason Poll.

But I have no intention of arguing against the BCS or the Preseason Polls or any of that.  I have quite given up that fight.  But I will not give up college football.  My solution?  Stop thinking on a national scale.  I see it as being set up this way.  The Football Bowl Subdivision is a theater.  The BCS conferences (including the Notre Dame conference) are the orchestra pit.  Out of the theater before each season, 25 are little better than randomly selected to make up the stage, with 15 of these being scenery for the real stars of the show.  One of my favorite terms is "the BCS Buster."  It's like a drawing for who of the 50 teams that don't really matter gets to move up to the front and breathe the air of the supermen--the BCS conferences. 

As much fun as it is to speculate on the speculation, it is also quite tiring.  So rather than fight this megalith, I'm just getting out of its way.  To be completely honest, I could not care less who is awarded (I emphasize this choice of words) the BCS crown.  It is clear that on a year-to-year basis only about 15-20 teams are actually considered for this prize, and I refuse to buy into the idea that the other 100 teams don't matter.  Conference Championships are actually entirely won on the field, and it is what happens on the field that is at all worth watching.  So the BCS selectors can say what they want.  I'm done listening.

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